Diamonds are the original shitcoin

Diamonds are the original shitcoin.  Nobody knows where they come from, what they’re worth, and they’re all pre-mined.  Cartel companies encourage you to hodl for a lifetime- they insist “a diamond is forever”.  Every engagement ring makes the buyer a bagholder.  And there is no exchange to sell them on- if you’re lucky enough to find a buyer, you loose half the value immediately.  They’ve had 75 years of advertising shilling for them, in every facet of popular culture.

Furthermore, diamonds have been complicit in government coups, humanitarian violence, child slavery, and ecological & environmental disaster.  The movie “Blood Diamond” and the song “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” are good examples of the turmoil created by the diamond industry.

Ouroboros Token aims to change all this.  Using factory made diamonds (or any item you want, really) we engrave your token number into the ring and the stone.  Your token number is also your vault number, and any amount or denomination can be deposited into the vault.  You can then check your vault balance anytime, making your ring worth the amount you deposited plus gains.  If times get tough, you can borrow against your vault value, and if things go sour with your SO, you can close your vault and keep your money.

The pre-ICO ends February 14th, tokens on sale for .02 ETH until then.  0x8E3Af3C10bE9d807b2B0c5BdC1e4cF7f087a409e

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