Pre-order your token in the ICO.  Send ETH to 0x8E3Af3C10bE9d807b2B0c5BdC1e4cF7f087a409e  Price will rise each month until all tokens are sold.  Order now to reserve your spot in the Ouroboros Vault.

Price will rise to .03 ETH after March 15th!

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Want to buy into the ICO?

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To participate in the ICO, open a wallet with or go to MetaMask.

This will take you to away from To buy tokens, use 0x8E3Af3C10bE9d807b2B0c5BdC1e4cF7f087a409e

Meet our team

Our team members have years of experience in business and accounting, as well as unique insights into the millennial generation.

Investment Manager

We’re looking for an investment manager for Socially Conscious companies.  Earn a return on your money while supporting ethical and responsible businesses like renewable energy.

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